Transcending Boundaries: Experimental Painting and Augmented Reality

Imagine standing in front of the ocean, with its ever-changing waters reflecting the fleeting nature of the present moment. This artistic research project delves into the intersection of two seemingly disparate concepts: experimental painting and the representation of the present moment, all inspired by the majestic sea. In an increasingly digital world, this research explores how augmented reality can enhance and amplify the artistic experience, taking us on a journey where the abstraction of art meets digital interaction.

Experimental Painting and Augmented Reality

Research Objectives:

1. Explore the relationship between experimental abstract painting and the visual representation of the sea.

2. Investigate how art can serve as a window to understand and express the concept of the present moment.

3. Develop an augmented reality (AR) experience that harmoniously extends the meaning and emotions of the paintings.

4. Evaluate the audience's reaction and impact when encountering this unique synergy of painting and technology.

Artistic Creation

Adela Navarro embarks on her immersive journey into experimental abstract painting by meticulously selecting colors and materials. The canvas becomes a realm of experimentation, where controlled chaos gives birth to creation. The pouring technique becomes her ally, allowing layers of paint to flow spontaneously, emulating the dances of the sea. Each brushstroke is an expression, an echo of her experience in the present moment. Each artwork reflects the emotions flowing in that ephemeral instant.

Augmented Reality

This is where reality melds with imagination. To achieve this, digital content is developed to expand upon the narratives of the paintings. Visual elements, such as moving dissolutions, overlay the physical artworks, and the sensations of the sea fill the room when scanned with an AR application. The paintings transform into gateways to a virtual world, inviting viewers to explore their meaning from an interactive perspective.

Creative Process

Evaluation and Reflection:

The artworks are presented in an exhibition, with the audience becoming an integral part of the research. Surveys and observations capture their reactions and emotions. Interviews unveil the depths of their connection with the art, revealing how the augmented reality experience enriched their perception of the sea and the present moment. The results shed light on the impact of this fusion of the tangible and the digital on the viewer.

Conclusions and Reflections:

This artistic research project reaffirms that experimental abstract painting and augmented reality can powerfully merge to convey abstract concepts such as the present moment. Through this experience, viewers immerse themselves in the beauty and fluidity of the sea while contemplating the present moment. Interaction with AR elements adds a sensory dimension that enriches the connection between the viewer and the artwork.

Future Directions:

This project lays the foundation for future research in the realm of experimental painting and augmented reality. The possibilities are boundless, from delving into deeper themes related to nature to extending this experience to a broader audience through specific AR applications or interactive art installations. The synergy between painting and digital technology has opened up limitless creative avenues in the exploration of art and the representation of the present moment.