I am an artist with a multidisciplinary approach who engages in a wide range of creative expressions, including painting, drawing, photography and installation. I was born in 1988 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and since I was little I have always been driven by a passion for art. I find satisfaction in offering my artistic talents at the service of others and actively participating in projects that contribute to critical thinking within society. My educational path has been diverse and reflects my commitment to combining art with diverse fields. I have a Bachelor of Arts from the ULL (Tenerife School of Art) and a Master of Fine Arts in Education from UNED (University of Education). In addition, I have training in Business and Advertising, having graduated from the URJC (Madrid School of Creative Communication), fusing the worlds of art and artistic management in a harmonious combination. My artistic pursuits have taken me across borders and into diverse cultural landscapes through various artist residency programs. In Mexico I immersed myself in an artistic residency at the Morelense Arts Center in Cuernavaca, where I explored the field of graffiti and contributed to vindicating the role of women in the world of urban art. In Spain, I embarked on another artistic residency program at Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (Art Center of the Basque Country), specializing in experimental painting.

Throughout my career, I have actively developed artworks, creative workshops and cooperated in social initiatives that highlight the power of art to create positive change. My involvement in projects within educational centers has been parallel to my role as an art educator, where I have had the privilege of teaching subjects such as Image Treatment and Illustration. I have continually been interested in educational and community initiatives, participating in exhibitions and competitions with notable success.



IG: @adelanavarro.art

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(2024) Ephemeral Shapes, Solo Exhibition, Vong King Art Center, Brooklyn, New York.

(2024) SU-CASA Program, Brooklyn Art Council, New York.

(2024) JABA Group Exhibition, Frei Manuel do Cenáculo National Museum, Évora, Portugal.

(2023) "Hunter’s Point South Park Mural Project Public" Art Installation,

Ottomanelli by the Water, LIC Park, New York

(2023) “Salty Soul” Exhibition, Congress Center, Cádiz, Spain

(2023) "JADE" Exhibition, Espacio Belles Artes Gallery, Cáceres, Spain

(2023) “Liquid Uncertainty” Exhibition, New Americans Initiative's Global Artist Traveling Group, West Side, New York City

(2023) “Closing ”Exhibition , Art Studio Gallery, Sevilla, Spain

(2023) “Open Studio” Exhibition Art Studio Gallery, Sevilla, Spain

(2022) Graffiti URBANFEST III, Cultura Inquieta, Madrid, Spain

(2022) Intervention Rural ActivART.2.1. Rurex. AEXCID, Extremadura, Spain

(2022) “Diluir-se” Exhibition, Fundación Caja Badajoz, Mérida, Spain

(2021) “Madrid Street Art Project” Urban Intervention , Madrid, Spain

(2020) Jorge Juan Institute Mural , San Fernando, Cádiz, Spain

(2019) III Graffiti Award Universidad Popular Pelayo Moreno, Calamonte Extremadura, Spain

(2019) “Subterráneo” Urban Intervention, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain

(2019) “Ilha do Sal” Social Initiative, Sal, Cape Verde

(2018) First Award Illustration “III Concurso Creativo” Llerena, Extremadura, Spain

(2018) “La Boca Erótica”Exhibition , Modus Operandi Gallery, Madrid, Spain

(2017) Photography Award “Instituto de Juventud” Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain

(2016) Photography Exhibition “Extremadura” Mérida, Extremadura, Spain

(2015) Mural Award “25 aniversario” E.O.I. Güimar, Tenerife, Spain

(2012) “Proceso Matug” Exhibition Cuernavaca, México

  • WHAT.

    "My artistic practice spans a wide range of disciplines, including abstract painting, photography, video art and performance. These varied forms of expression allow me to explore and communicate different facets of my creative vision. While my work is not limited to a specific medium, the common thread is the exploration of intangible concepts and experiences that shape our lives."

  • HOW.

    "I approach my art with a commitment to experimentation and innovation. I believe that creativity has no limits and I am constantly looking for new ways to convey my ideas and emotions. I combine various techniques, materials and approaches to capture the essence of what is often unseen or overlooked in our daily existence. Through a process of trial and error, I strive to bridge the gap between the tangible and the intangible, creating visual and sensory experiences that challenge conventional perceptions."

  • WHY.

    "The driving force behind my artistic endeavors lies in a deep desire to provoke thought and reflection. I seek to challenge the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. This motivation is rooted in the belief that in the fast-paced modern world, we often overlook the present moment, dismissing it in favor of concerns about the past or the future. My art is a reminder of the beauty and depth found in the fleeting moments and experiences that shape our lives. Additionally, I find inspiration in synchronicities, those seemingly random but deeply meaningful connections between events. These moments reinforce my conviction that there is a deep, interconnected order in the universe, waiting to be explored and understood."