"Art is not merely beholding a masterpiece; it encompasses a profound act, an action that birth motion, and in that very moment, change occurs."


The Present Moment

I would like to share with you my experience as a multidisciplinary artist. I have had the opportunity to live in different countries and explore various parts of Spain in search of inspiration. My work spans several disciplines, including abstract painting, photography, drawing, video, installation and more. My artistic approach revolves around questioning the present moment, exploring mysticism and delving into synchronicities. My goal is to express the intangible through art and bring the viewer closer to what is often unseen or overlooked in everyday life.


Nature's Metamorphosis

The sea has been and is an important source of inspiration for me. I see it as a metaphor for the immensity and mystery of life. Through my works I try to capture the essence of what the sea represents: the constant transformation and flow of existence. In my creative process I seek to emphasize the importance of the present moment and the ephemeral nature of life. We often get lost in worries about the past or the future and fail to appreciate what is happening here and now. My art invites reflection on fleeting moments and experiences that shape our lives.



Additionally, synchronicities play an important role in my work. These seemingly serendipitous connections between events in my life inspire me to explore the idea that there is a deeper, more meaningful relationship between all things in the universe.

In summary, my work as a multidisciplinary artist aims to challenge the perception of present time, explore mysticism and synchronicities, express the intangible and bring the viewer closer to what often remains out of sight in daily life.