Mural and Street Art

Adela Navarro is a transdisciplinary artist whose work is expressed through murals and graffiti, with a thematic focus on the present moment and a deep desire to raise awareness through her art. Adela is a prominent figure in the world of contemporary urban art, whose work transcends traditional boundaries of artistic expression to address critical social and cultural issues.

The present moment is the central axis of Adela's work. Her murals and graffiti capture the essence of the era in which we live, reflecting the complexity of our current society. Through her art, the artist seeks to showcase how the present time is intricately linked to contemporary issues and challenges, from the climate crisis to gender issues and political tensions.

One of the most powerful aspects of Adela's work is her ability to raise awareness. Her murals are not only visually striking but also provoke deep reflections on the urgent problems we face in the world today. She often uses her art as a platform to convey important messages about the need to take action to address these issues, inviting the audience to reflect on their own role in society.

In addition to her focus on the present moment, the artist also explores experimental painting in her work. Through innovative techniques and styles, she challenges traditional painting conventions and creates truly unique works in her genre. Her experimental approach allows her to explore new forms of artistic expression and find new ways to address contemporary themes.

In summary, Adela Navarro is a transdisciplinary artist who uses graffiti and murals as a means to explore the present moment and raise awareness about crucial issues in society. Her focus on experimental painting and the integration of new technologies into her art make her a prominent figure in the world of contemporary art. Her ability to merge visual aesthetics with impactful messages places her at the forefront of artistic expression that challenges, provokes, and transforms the perception of current reality. Below are his most notable works:

  • (2023) Hunter’s Point South Park Mural Project Public Art Installation, Ottomanelli by the Water, LIC Park, New York
  • (2022) Graffiti URBANFEST III, Cultura Inquieta. Madrid, Spain.
  • (2022) Intervention Rural ActivART.2.1. AEXCID, Garrovillas de Alconétar, Spain.
  • (2021) Urban Intervention “Madrid Street Art Project”, Madrid, Spain.
  • (2019) Urban Intervention “Subterráneo” Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain.
  • (2019) Social Initiative “Ilha do Sal”, Sal, Cape Verde.

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