Blur in New York: Capturing the Present in the City Lights

"Blur in New York" is an ambitious multidisciplinary artistic project that emerged from the transformation of an artist whose original focus was on abstract painting, inspired by nature and the sea. Her move to the bustling New York marked a crucial milestone in her career and artistic perspective, leading her to explore the richness of urban life and the concepts of the present moment, synchronicities, and the convergence of technology and art.

Photographic Series "Blur in New York"

Current Art Project

Exploration of New York as a Source of Inspiration:

The artist, accustomed to the serenity of the coasts and nature, found herself immersed in the bustling and eclectic atmosphere of the Big Apple. Far from the waves and the sea horizon, she found a new muse in the lights and shadows of Brooklyn. This change of environment was the spark that led her to reconsider her artistic focus and explore abstract photography and transdisciplinary art as a way to capture the energy of the city.

Creative Process and Analysis:

Abstract photography became her primary medium, and her focus shifted to capturing the transience of urban life. Blurry images of street lights became her artistic signature, symbolizing the ephemeral beauty of the present moments. Through a meticulous process, the artist delved into the analysis of these images, breaking them down into visual elements, colors, and underlying emotions. These analyses gave rise to conceptual frameworks that served as the basis for the creation of art videos.

Video Creation: Digital Painting Series based on Photographs

Digital Painting series based on photographs. "Blur in New York"

Location and Time

The map shows the location of where each of the photographs were taken and then the corresponding time in which they were taken:

  1. 27/08 1:00 P.M.
  2. 27/08 1:17 P.M.
  3. 27/08 2:11 P.M.
  4. 31/08 7:03 P.M.
  5. 09/07 6:21 P.M.
  6. 09/07 7:02 P.M.
  7. 09/07 7:18 P.M.
  8. 09/07 7:31 P.M.
  9. 09/14 5:40 P.M
  10. 09/14 5:51 P.M
  11. 09/14 6:07 P.M
  12. 09/18 8:34 P.M.
  13. 09/18 8:45 P.M.
  14. 09/18 8:57 P.M.
  15. 09/18 9:31 P.M.
  16. 09/21 12:04 P.M.
  17. 09/21 12:14 P.M.
  18. 09/21 12:40 P.M.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

A distinctive feature of "Blur in New York" is the incorporation of artificial intelligence into the creative process to generate ideas. The artist collaborated with AI models to explore patterns and connections in her photographs, allowing her a deep dive into the complexity of her work and expanding her creative horizons. This picture shows an artificial intelligence (AI) inspiration for an art installation.

Importance of Multidisciplinarity and Technology:

This project exemplifies the importance of adapting to new forms of artistic expression and technology in the world of contemporary art. The artist demonstrated how technology, in this case, AI, can enrich artistic creation, providing new perspectives and dimensions to her multidisciplinary work.

Impact and Conclusions:

"Blur in New York" not only represents a narrative of artistic change but also a testimony to the power of art to evolve and adapt to new influences and contexts. Furthermore, it invites the viewer to contemplate and appreciate present moments in the hustle and speed of urban life, highlighting the beauty of the ephemeral.

This research-artistic project offers a profound reflection on the human experience in the modern city and emphasizes the relevance of technology and multidisciplinarity in contemporary artistic creation. "Blur in New York" is a visual kaleidoscope that captures the essence of life in the city and provides a window into the personal and artistic transformation of the creator in her journey through the lights of New York.